Religious Education

Statement of Intent

At Kettleshulme St James CE Primary School, we believe that Religious Education is a central subject within our curriculum because, as a church aided school, we believe that our Christian faith underpins and informs all aspects of our life and learning. High quality Religious Education (RE) is the key to enabling every child to flourish.

Religious Education at Kettleshulme St James CE Primary School explores how individuals and communities make meaning and sense of their lives through the major religions of the world. It enables pupils to know about, understand and respond to the important and ultimate questions of life. Religious Education is taught in such a way that it inspires pupils to explore, develop and affirm their own faith and values and have respect for the faith, beliefs and values of others.

At our school, we follow Questful RE produced by the Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education. By embracing the explicit teaching of Christian concepts and God’s big salvation story, the content of this syllabus provides pupils with a deeper understanding of Christianity. In addition, pupils explore all major world faiths and discuss world views.

Pupils will experience, explore and encounter a wide range of creative and challenging multi-sensory activities that will help them to discover the answers to fundamental questions such as these:

· Who am I and what does it mean to be me?

· In what ways do/can I relate to others?

· How/where can I encounter God?

· How can I make a positive contribution to the world in which I live?

· What values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour are important to me?

· What does it mean to have faith?

· Who/what influences and inspires me?

Through an open investigative enquiry approach, the pupils will be given the sense of being on a quest of discovery. A key feature of the syllabus is the large number of questions included in each unit. The purpose of these questions is to give pupils opportunity to investigate, reflect, evaluate and make meaning. In doing so, they will discover more about themselves, their relationships with others, their relationship with the world around them and their relationship with God.

The curriculum content is a balance of the three essential disciplines of quality RE, Theology, Philosophy and Social Science. This means pupils will look at concepts through a theological lens, exploring what people of faith believe. Alongside this, pupils will explore questions and answers raised in relation to the lived reality and impact of religion and world views on people’s lives. They should, ultimately, be equipped with the skills that will enable them to make sense of life’s experiences.

RE prepares children for citizenship in today’s diverse society. It enables them to develop sensitivity to, and respect for others. Through authentic encounters with living faith communities, pupils will develop diversity dexterity and be equipped with the ability to hold an informed conversation about religious beliefs and practices

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