Guidance On Gifts For School Staff

Dear All,

We all love to know that we are valued and appreciated, and sometimes receiving a heartfelt 'thank you' or a card is just what we need to make us feel valued and bring a smile to our faces.   

However, gifts to school staff have become increasingly more common place so with this in mind we have met as a staff and decided to ask those families considering buying gifts for teachers and support staff not to do this and instead opt for a different way of showing their appreciation.


There are a few reasons for requesting this approach:-

  • We always feel sad for the children who don't have a gift for their teacher and over the years there have been many children who come to us to say 'I'm sorry I didn't get you anything.'

  • We don't feel that gifts in schools should be a thing as we do get paid to do our job.

  • Finding the time to choose and buy a gift simply adds to everyone's load when you are already so busy.

  • Many families'  budgets cannot stretch to cover this unnecessary cost.

  • We do not want the Kett Family to feel under any sense of obligation to buy gifts simply because over recent years it has just become something people do.

We would still welcome any homemade gifts and cards of course, as to be honest, those are our favourite kinds of gifts anyway. Smiles and "Thank Yous" are also a wonderful thing to receive at any time. 

If families would still like to give a gift then perhaps a donation to a charity on our behalf could be considered. This could be a donation to our PTFA, so the donation will be used for the direct benefit of the School and the children, or of course a charity of your choice.

If you would like us to provide suggestions for charitable giving we will work with the School Council to identify some local charities and decide which they would like to see supported and we can share details via the Newsletter.

We really hope you will support this guidance on gifts and understand our rationale. 

With many  thanks and best wishes from 

Team Kett

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