Physical Education

At Kettleshulme St James physical education is a high priority within our school and we use this opportunity to not only teach about the importance of having a healthy body, but also the importance of having a healthy mind - we also teach the children how the two are very closely linked and have a huge influence on each other so it is important to care for both in equal measures.

All pupils take part in a thirty minute yoga lesson each week. We have been building on this skill since January 2021 (when during lockdown each day started with a thirty minute yoga/HIITS/boxercise/power yoga session for every member of our community). We are really proud of the resilence, strength and focus which all of our pupils now demonstrate during these sessions, which are led by Mrs McLaughlin our PE coach. During this time we also reflect on our inner strength, our inner thoughts and our inner peace. We set an affirmation for the week ahead (such as 'I am unique', 'I am strong', 'I am love') and we celebrate everything that we are capable of. We acknowledge that during our practice we will all look different in our poses, and that this is okay because we are all built in different ways.

We then invite Mrs McLaughin into our school every Thursday to support us in the delivery of our PE Curriculm.

  Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Autumn 1 Physical Literacy - focus on balance, speed, agility and co-ordination Ball skills - netball, basketball, football
Autumn 2 Dance Dance
Spring 1 Body management Balance, strength, conditioning and yoga
Spring 2 Gymnastics Gymnastics
Summer 1 Multi Skills - focus on catching, jumping and running with control Team games - rounders, football
Summer 2 Athletics Athletics


In addition to these lessons we have a weekly 'Fitness Challenge' which is set by our 'Fitness Team', who are currently Jamie, Joe and Deaglen (all members of Class 3). This might be 1 minute of spotty dogs each day or 20 high knees each day. The Fitness Team check up on all of the classes so we have to make sure that we all keep up!

Each class also takes part in a weekly run around our school grounds. The run is measured out to be approximately 1 kilometre.

Class teachers also make sure that wherever possible learning is done in an active way so that children are not sitting at desks for long periods of time, they also build lots of brain breaks into their teaching for the same reason.

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