Our school uniform can be ordered via Classworx, located in Macclesfield.

Here is the link:


Our uniform consists of:

  • bottle green t-shirt with school logo - this will be worn at all times, including for P.E.
  • bottle green crew neck jumper with school logo - this will be worn at all times, including for PE
  • optional bottle green hoodie for YEAR 6 ONLY - again to be worn at all times, including for PE
  • green and white gingham summer dresses
  • black bottoms (smart for normal days, joggers/shorts for PE days)
  • black socks
  • black shoes, preferably with velcro

Our key considerations when designing our uniform have been:

  • comfort and practicality
  • reduction in the number of items needed to be purchased (no separate PE kit)
  • high-quality environmentally friendly items which last longer 
  • inclusivity so that all pupils, including those with sensory issues, will feel comfortable wearing it
  • developing our school identity so that pupils feel proud to wear our school logo   
  • compliance with new statutory guidance about school uniforms

We expect all of our pupils to wear our school uniform at all times.

If you do need any financial support to purchase uniform items then please do get in touch with the school.

The items listed above detail the new unform we launched in September 2022. 

We do have a 'Pre-Loved Uniform Rail' in our entrance but we are aware that it will take a little time to build this up with items from our new uniform. 

Donations for pre-loved items are paid directly into our PTFA account.

Our pupils have already told us that the t-shirts are so comfy, the jumpers are so fluffy and that the design is much better than the polo shirts, so it is definitely a 'thumbs up' from our most important customers!  

Please do get in touch with the School if you have any questions.


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