“Life in all its fullness”

(John 10:10)

Head Teacher’s Introduction

Welcome to our school.  Each child arrives as an individual, and the school’s heart and soul goes into developing that individuality together with a sense of social and moral responsibility and a love of learning, encouraging children to live life in all its fullness. (John 10:10)

Our teachers are inspirational

Our children’s learning is personalised & fun

Our class sizes are smaller than average

Our Christian distinctiveness is shared through the values of acceptance, love & forgiveness

Our ethic of excellence encourage success

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Kettleshulme St James CE (VA) School

Kettleshulme St James
CE (VA) Primary School

Macclesfield Road, Kettleshulme
Cheshire SK23 7QU

Enquiries: Mrs Rachel Blood
Tel: 01663 732502

Mr Paul Quirk

The Church Of England