Our Approach

Kettleshulme St James is a CE (VA) Primary School providing a quality education for children between 4+ and 11 years of age.  We are a family orientated school, rooted in a Christian community providing high standards of teaching and learning in a stimulating, caring and happy environment.  Children at our school will be offered opportunities which will support them now and in the future.  They will be:

Emotionally Intelligent

• having developed self esteem, tolerance and caring attitudes

• being independent, confident and having self-discipline

• knowing about their own feelings and the feelings of others

• being able to celebrate success and accept disappointments

Complex Thinkers

• initiators looking for solutions, not problems

• understanding how their brain works

• making informed decisions

• acquiring the skills needed to ‘learn how to learn’

Self Directed Learners

• extending their own study

• showing diligence and sustained concentration

• showing a love of learning and a desire to discover

• understand their own ‘learning style’

Collaborative Workers

• promoting a climate for experimentation

• applying teamwork when appropriate

• using cooperative learning structures effectively

• developing the notion of sustainability

Quality Producers

• showing commitment to tasks

• valuing their work and how it is displayed

• offering models of high quality work and achievement

• acquiring knowledge, skills and understanding

Effective Communicators

• being able to explain their learning in various ways

• using appropriate media to demonstrate learning

• discussing their present needs and future development

To do this the school will develop close working partnerships with parents and provide a creative, practical, child-centred curriculum; a commitment to personalised learning; and, work within the local, village community.

Kettleshulme St JamesCE (VA) Primary School

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‘Life in all its
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