Class 3 – Year 5 and Year 6 2022 - 2023

Mrs Price

Welcome to the Class 3 page.

There are eleven Year 5 children and ten Year 6 children in our class and we are all very kind and friendly.

Our teacher is Mrs Price and she teaches us every day. Also, Mrs Derrig helps every morning and Mrs Metcalfe helps every afternoon.

Last term in science, we learned about 'Properties and changes of materials', so we designed, made and tested metal boats, We also used mirrors to make periscopes and we used a pneumatic mechanism to make a gorilla with an opening mouth - It was such fun!

This term in science, we are studying 'Animals and their habitats'. We have already been to Chester Zoo, which was amazing.

We love to learn especially in a practical, fun way. 


We would like to share with you one of our favourite resources. Whether you are an avid reader who is looking for more inspiration or a more reluctant reader who simply hasn't found the book/author/series for you yet - you will love these reading lists.

They feature a huge range of tantalising texts to hook you in. Texts ranging from classics to new releases, mysteries to sci-fi. There is something for everyone. Take a look!

Year 5 Reading List

Year 6 Reading List

Alternatively, you might have found an author whom you adore but have now read all of their books and don't know what to read next!

#bookmatch will suggest other books which you might like as they are similar to books written by your favourite author:


Enjoy and you're welcome!

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