Class 2 – Year 3 & Year 4

Class 2 – Year 3 & Year 4

Class 2 currently consists of 10 year 3/4 children. Much of the learning which takes place is linked to a central topic and children are encouraged to develop their skills of enquiry through hands on, practical learning experiences.

Please ensure that your child has their PE kit and reading book in school every day.

The whole class swims on Tuesday mornings during the Autumn & Spring terms.

Ilam  - whole class
Ilam - orienteering


Residential Visits

Class 2 residential provision has seen us use centres across the north-west.  We take part in a variety of activities such as dance, orienteering, archery and environmental studies.  The visits help the children develop their independence and teamwork skills.

Ilam team-building 6 Ilam team-building 5

Ilam team-building 4 Ilam team-building 3 Ilam team-building 2

Team challenges included the gutter challenge, the electric bridge and travelling using land skis.


Ilam rocket launch 7 Ilam rocket launch 1Ilam Hall  

The children designed and made egg rockets,which they then launched into outer space! Back at school, the children have written news reports about the ‘eggciting’ ‘eggstronaut’ adventures!

Ilam - orienteering Ilam - whole class Ilam - group 4 Ilam - group 3 Ilam - group 1 Ilam - group 2