Class 2 – Year 3 & Year 4

Class 2 – Year 3 & Year 4

Coronavirus – Home Learning – we will be updating this page with work that can be done from home. If you need to return anything, please return to the teacher’s email, admin e-mail or head’s email. Any photographs can be sent to the head’s e-mail for newsletters etc…

  • Find out what Michael Morpurgo has written ( he is a prolific author!) . Challenge yourself to read a range of his titles and make a list of those you have completed. Let’s see who in class 2 can read the most!
  • Design a leaflet instructing someone how to look after a pet.
  • Create a poster or make a video advising primary school children on how to use the internet safely.
  • Try to do at least 10,000 steps daily for a month. Keep a note of how many you do each day.
  • Prepare and cook a vegetarian/plant based meal for your family. Bring the recipe into school to share with the class. If we get enough we can make our own class recipe book!
  • Design a 20 minute daily  fitness plan for children to include a number of short activities ( like those you might do in circuit training). You could include star jumps, burpees, shuttle runs etc. You could present your ideas in a power point or video or take phots of someone in your family following the plan!
  • Find out which items in your home are magnetic and make a list. What do they contain that gives them this property? Can you find out?
  • Design a book ‘menu’ outlining your favourite books, short stories, poems, comics and picture books. We can laminate these and put them in our library.
  • Measure and calculate the area of rooms and items in your home. Remember, area is the width x length. What unit of measurement will you use?

Work Task – 19th March 2020 Maths homework grid – Y3 & Y4 v2 (1)

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27th March 2020

27th March 2020

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