Our children are organised into three mixed aged classes.  In Class 1 we have the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  Class 2 is for lower juniors – Years 3 and 4, while Class three provides a base for the upper juniors – Years 5 and 6.  Our curriculum is a vehicle for improvement, a place to be confronted by that which is demanding, not immediately understood.  We seek to pose significant questions, to tackle demanding tasks.  In building our curriculum we enable children to engage with scientists, authors and craftspeople working in a range of materials.

Making music
Pupils And Teacher In Classroom

In Key Stage 1 the children follow a two year curriculum cycle, while in Key Stage 2 the children follow a four year cycle. We operate a creative curriculum, based upon themes or topics, supported by first hand learning opportunities. In line with our school philosophy we endeavour to provide a full programme of educational visits and we extend the curriculum trough links with other schools. Please click on the ‘Pupils’ tab above to find out what the children have been doing in each class.